28 February 2012

The Sound of Color

Neil Harbisson

is colorblind. Like anyone, he is infatuated with what he cannot have. In his case, Harbisson has dedicated his life to studying and understanding color. He learned that colors are simply made of light, tone, and saturation; giving each shade its own frequency. He admitted that if there was a cure for his color blindness, he might not partake. It would be overwhelming to take in that much new information, and that his intimate relationship with color might then be lost. His favorite color is Eggplant, and plans on studying invisible color (ultra-violet) color next.


Don't you think Kanye will sample these beats??


26 February 2012

The King/Sun Sessions.

I was given a copy of Sun Sessions as a Secret Santa gift. I love Elvis, grew up with him thanks to my Mom's infatuation with that pompadour and smirk. This disc documents Elvis' first recordings that were done at Sun Records in the 1950's, before he was known as the King. I was riding home one day and Blue Moon began to play. The way the lyrics echo in your eardrum, creates an illusion of loneliness and melancholy, but on a beach with a man like Elvis serenading you with his ukulele ;)

Please, enjoy:


19 February 2012


A tourist attraction on to itself, Lombard Street was once just a steep hill. In the 1920's Lombard was actually worth less than its neighboring streets, because it was too steep to be able to drive a car up or down. At 27% grade, an insurance juggernaut, Carl Henry, proposed to construct a windy road to battle the steepness, thus making it accessible to vehicles. Since many houses on Lombard were destroyed after a fire (in the 20s), the road and houses were constructed in conjunction with each other.

Once finished, Lomard Street was a spectacle, hosting 350 cars per hour in its hay-day. Due to its popularity, tour buses are not allowed on the road anymore, and in the 1970's it was proposed multiple times to limit the road's use to only residents, and even by Diane Feinstein in 1980 when she was a sitting Supervisor in SF.

To locals, it is not the windiest street in the city, but it still draws the masses.



17 February 2012

Alamo DraftHouse

Tim League is indulging us by being the first to renovate one of the many vacant and abandoned movie theaters along the Mission Street strip. The eerie structures allow our imaginations to draw up what Mission used to look like, the lights, the music, the movies! It's also sad to see the architecture disrespected and allowed to decay - like a slap in the face to that era.

League is planning on preserving the original flare of the space, which will have five theaters and in-your-seat drink service (HOLLA). Excited to see one of these theaters put to good use, instead of being a parking lot (RIP).


06 February 2012

Madonna, Cee-Lo, MIA, and Minaj.

what i would have gived for a nip-slip from Cee-Lo, love her.


"WHat it is, what it aint, tell me what to do."

don't know what the next few months have in store, don't know about tomorrow, so I'll focus on breakfast..


27 January 2012

oh you've got green eyes,
oh you've got blue eyes,

you've gooootttt reeeddddd eyes.

And I've never seen anyone like you before, no i've never met anyone quite like you before..





16 January 2012

Young Turks.

Trying to master it, so I can make this my new Karaoke gem.


thank you Rod.